Friday, November 21, 2008

A Cool Site!

Hey, parents and kids! This is a really cool initiative by the guy that created Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer. He believes that since kids watch (on average) 22 hours of TV a week, that we need to find ways to reach them through their television habits. He's created a television channel, JellyTelly, that's reminiscent of a Christian Nickelodeon. It's still in the works and running as an internet TV channel, but watch this quick video and check out the site for more info. Could be a great way for your camper to connect with quality television media that you can trust!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Economic Crisis & Camp Scholarships

I hope this post finds you all anxiously awaiting your summer at camp! Now, I know that big, delicious turkeys and sugar plums are dancing in your heads, (and maybe a Nintendo Wii topped with a Christmas bow), but it's already time to plan summer. Everyone should have received a registration form for Summer 2009, so go ahead and fill it out!

This year has been, and will continue to be, a challenging time economically. All of us here at the camp are experiencing the effects of our difficult economy, but we thank God daily for his blessings - our new dining hall, the beautiful snow flurries over the mountains, a good, hot coffee on a cold morning, and chance to celebrate these things with our families this upcoming thanksgiving.

While we know that truly, some of the best things in life are free, we are also aware of the difficulties this economy is causing with your families. Anxiety about lost jobs, buying Christmas gifts or Thanksgiving dinner, or even wondering when your next paycheck will come are all things each of us could be facing today.

We believe (and we hope you do, too) that camp has a lasting, permanant effect on campers. Because of this, we want to be helpful in any way we can. I'm not sure how much time is spent discussing our scholarship program for campers to attend camp. Our desire at Ligonier is that no camper will be prohibited from attending camp because of financial status. We provide over $20,000 in scholarship each year for campers who are unable to pay tuition fees. Just get your registration form and check the box labeled "Scholarship Information" in the lower right-hand corner (or near the bottom of your form online).

If you are struggling this year with providing an experience to your kids that they love, and that you want them to enjoy, we understand. Please do not hesitate to call and talk with us (724.238.6428) about ways that we can make this summer possible for your family, and we'll do the best we can. We'll be praying for you all!