Monday, May 4, 2009

New Dining Hall Photos

Isn't it beautiful? You should see the inside! (And yes, we'll post indoor photos as soon as we can!)

That little "porch" is where Next Level campers will enter the new dining hall.

Twin Zip Line Construction

Sorry for the long time between updates! But there's something fun, at least: the first ever pictures of the new 1300 ft. twin zip lines! Actually, there aren't any "lines" up yet, but you can see the poles. After generous donations from staff and camper alumni, the zip line that had only been a dream is now becoming reality!
For those of you familiar with the camp, the zip lines will begin up near the pamper jump & main campfire area and stretch all the way across the open hillside until its termination on the hill just above the boy's kybo. It's going to be amazing!
Here are some photos from the first day of construction: