Monday, December 15, 2008

Yet another dining hall update...

Whoa! I realized that I haven't updated this blog with recent photos of the dining hall project. It looks great. I mean, I wouldn't necessarily want to eat in it yet, but the construction is happening so quickly, and the building is so much bigger than I thought. As you look at the pictures, remember that this is only the first floor (aka the basement that will hold storage space, our elevator, loading dock, and intern apartments). The second floor will look very different, and will be where campers eat their meals!
I hope you enjoy.

Everyone in the Ligonier office got excited about the above photo.
"Look, it's a door! It's a real, live door!"
(note: door is on backward. there's a purpose for that, they say. it'll be fixed for camp!)

Look how gigantic this facility is! It already is taller than the lodge, and it's only the first floor!

The indoor climbing tower is currently covered in plastic. We told Jim that was
because people were climbing in there, and he believed us, but only briefly!
(there aren't any holds!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Not Too Late!

If you are still thinking about coming to Winterpalooza, but you see that your form says "Please return by Dec. 1", it's okay! We're still accepting forms. We've been overwhelmed by the number of campers excited about Winterpalooza, and we still have some beds empty. Please don't hesitate to visit our website,, to print out and send in your form & deposit to hold your spot!

Remember: only those who attend will learn the secret to becoming Ultimate SuperFans!