Monday, March 9, 2009

Grossly Delinquent

Sorry about the lack of updates lately! We're well into our recruiting and promotional season, and much of our staff has been on the road for weeks now. We've been to churches, schools, parent's meetings, homes, tea parties, and much more! If we haven't been to your church yet, email ( us to tell us when to come!
So here's the much-needed dining hall update. You may not even recognize it - it looks so much like a real building! Our construction crews have been working their tails off to get our dining hall ready for kids to eat in. After all, what's a classic LCCC-style sticky bun without a fabulous new dining hall in which to eat it? The answer is "delicious but not as satisfying". Just kidding! Some details about the dining hall:

1. It has a roof, walls and a floor! I know, that fact just blew you away.
2. The new dining hall has two floors. The "basement" is for storage, restrooms, and a loading dock & elevator. The second is for the dining rooms, kitchen, and porch.
3. If you're on the second floor of the dining hall, you can see out OVER the Lamont Lodge. The building is huge!
4. No one should ever have an excuse to be late for breakfast - the dining hall is less than 100 yards from the flag pole and our lodge.
5. In the new dining hall, every kid will be able to see our skits happen! (I think I just heard Unit one boys and girls give a huge cheer after years of blocked views).

I hope you enjoy the new pictures! Please be in prayer about this project and many others. Have a prayer request? The Ligonier staff meets daily to pray, and we would love to pray for your concerns. Leave a comment or email us at

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