Friday, October 10, 2008

Fort Ligonier Days

Many of you who have been here in the summer are probably curious as to how we are all able to survive the year in a relatively quiet, small town after all the hustle and bustle of summer camp.
Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

Fort Ligonier Days.

Fort Days, as the locals call it, is a chance for everyone in the town of Ligonier to either get out or get pumped for the more than one hundred thousand people that will come into town this weekend. From craft booths to food vendors to strolling musicians, Fort Days provides the opportunity to do what we all love best - wander around eating food and looking at things we don't need. It's also a wonderful chance to catch up with family because the local school district takes a day off, and families can choose to enjoy the day together. While Friday is less crowded, Saturday is the day that takes the cake. From an early morning pancake breakfast to an 11 am parade that lasts two hours to the final cheesecake served from Sand Hill Berries, Saturday is action-packed and entertaining. It's one of the things that makes this town great - and it's wonderful to have so many groups here taking advantage of the facilites that Ligonier Camp has to offer while enjoying one of the great events in the town of Ligonier. If you're in town this weekend, look for some LCCC staff members selling halushki, buffalo burgers, or great crafts as we get in on all the fun.
See you there!

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Monica said...

Tha haluski was amazing! What a fun, beautiful weekend in Ligonier!