Monday, October 27, 2008

Weather report: snow!

This week, the weather report is calling for snow to fall on Ligonier - today, in fact! Our prayer is that the snow and ground freeze will both hold off a while longer. Our wonderful contractors and engineers are working so hard to get the essentials of the new dining hall finished before the ground freezes and snow takes over - so we're not quite ready for the flurries to fly.
It looks as if we won't have any "problem" snow this week - just some light flakes falling lazily to the ground, if they're lucky enough to make it without melting!
That said, snow is a beautiful event up here - everything gets quiet, and there's a little extra chill in the air, and we all curl up in our houses with our fireplaces roaring to enjoy a relaxed "mountain" evening at home. While snow definitely causes all kinds of concerns - driving, salting, plowing, freezing - it also has some pretty great perks!

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