Thursday, September 3, 2009

Over already?

It's hard to believe that the nine weeks of Summer Camp here at LCCC are over and done. In fact, most of our 1,830 campers have returned to their schools and sports teams - hopefully still remembering great things about their time at camp. While there were definitely some tough things about this summer (illnesses, minor injuries, the hill, and RAIN!), we had an incredible experience up here on the mountain. Are you curious about some of those great things? Here's a Ligonier Camp classic Top Ten.

The Top Ten Strange and Wonderful Things at LCCC 2009
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10. Our new, regulation prison dodgeball court. (What is regulation LCCC prison dodgeball, you may ask? Well, we made it up, so our court is the only official one.)
9. Introduction of the Neutral Zone in Goldrush.
8. A parade and light show on July 4th that rivals the celebrations in our Nationl's Capital - including fire trucks, gorillas on bikes, glowsticks, jumping flames, and world-famous Ligonier Camp marching band.
7. Visits from two awesome bands willing to share their gifts so our campers could rock out!
6. The Music Sisters (whoo!)
5. The Bonus Brothers and Hannah Nevada....and the Hoedown Throwdown (boom boom clap)
4. Roller door races, boys vs. girls.
3. New CLUB songs: We're gonna Sing Like the Saved! and Count Me In! (sha na na na na na na)
2. Racing down the new zip line, conquering the tower, flying on the vomit comet, and stealthy planning at the paintball field.
1. Learning to live GAME ON at camp, at home, at school - all the time!

There are more things that I can even list - but you can add on! Comment and let us know some other great moments at LCCC.

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