Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Posted Sign Day

Every year, we at LCCC get pumped up for a day full of property management: posted sign day. Usually, this takes an entire day to complete, and this year we have our own 543 acres plus all the land at the new lake property. In order to keep our campers, retreat groups, staff, and local families safe, we spend a full day (and then some) posting signs all around the property notifying everyone of our boundaries and how to get in touch with the camp with any concerns or questions.
With the busy doe season ahead of us, it's only wise to make sure the property lines are clearly marked. And 'Posted Sign Day' has become a favorite because a large group of our staff set out early to enjoy a breakfast at Ruthie's and spend time enjoying the woods. Today's excursion included a baby deer sighting, several handfuls of wild grapes, and probably a few too many encounters with poison ivy. All were a little let down by the summer-like temperatures of the day, but we expect the cool weather to be here all too soon.
Only 364 more days to the next posted sign day!

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