Thursday, September 18, 2008

Construction update

Hey, everyone! I hope you're all as excited as we are about the construction. It's getting noisier out there every day, which is a great sign! Today, we have a lot of large equipment here that's been leveling the ground and doing...other things. (This is Leeanne typing today, and I just don't know a lot about construction, but the place looks great!).
Here are some photos of today. I took some of them up toward the chapel of the pines, some toward the rec deck, one toward the pavilion, and one in the direction of the dining hall.

Isn't it amazing to see this place changing? I remember being a camper when they built the climbing tower - we had to watch it be "halfway" done for a summer, and then it was such a big deal to have a tower! I remember the rec deck being done and having Bible Studies there and "girl talk" during Action Options. This new dining hall is an amazing thing! I am so ready to see kids sitting around the tables, watching run-on skits where everyone can see them (not like now, when Unit 1 girls can't see! sorry ladies), eating delicious food, and making it easier on our kitchen staff & CITs to prepare and clean up our meals by having a brand new kitchen.

So what are you excited about with the new dining hall? Leave a comment!
(Note: all comments are moderated, so it will take a little bit for them to show up - safety first!)

Will you guys be in prayer for us for a few things?:
  • That the weather will cooperate with this project so it can be done on time
  • That we would continue moving toward our 5.5 million dollar goal for the campaign
  • That we would be constantly remembering that God is in control
  • That we are able to work efficiently and cheerfully despite noisy distractions
  • And finally, praise God for the blessings at this time at Ligonier Camp.

Thanks, everyone! Have a wonderful day.

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