Monday, September 22, 2008

The "Off-season"

Ever wondered what goes on at camp after summer camp is over? After all the cubbies in the KYBO are cleaned out and the cabins are swept and the last dodgeball has been thrown? There are a lot of things that happen, actually. Much of the time is spent getting buildings and grounds ready for winter so that they stay in great shape for the next summer. Some building are used year-round for retreats - the girls kybo becomes one side girls, one side boys, the HPC becomes a bunkhouse, the infirmary becomes a house with bunkbeds, a kitchen, and a living room, and the Coleman Cottage is dressed up and ready for visitors.
Also, the fun adventure activities campers do in the summer continue to happen year-round. In the fall, groups of kids and adults will come to do initiatives, caving, climbing, high ropes, low ropes, zipline, and even the Vomit Comet! When it gets chilly out, we layer our clothes and put out some burn barrels so people can warm their hands. It's so fun to see everyone from a seventh-grade class to a group of lawyers try the pamper jump!
While it's never the same without campers around, camp is still a fun place to be. Plus, if campers were here ALL the time, what would any of us have to look forward to? See you for Winterpalooza in December, campers! Registrations will be ready soon.

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