Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Posted Sign Day

Hey! One of our favorite days of the fall is "Posted Sign Day". Because we have such an extensive property, and lots of deer, this is a time of year where trespassing is very popular. Since having strangers on property could be a danger to local residents, guests, and employees (not to mention being detrimental to our deer population), we spend a day or two each fall posting signs warning others that they are entering private property and to turn around now. Now, I know it seems like a day of hiking around in the muggy wetness and ripping down old signs while posting new ones would get old, but it is the best. We got to meet some of our neighbors, become more familiar with our property lines, enjoy the beautiful fall colors, see birds all over, and pick delicious wild grapes! It was a great morning for us...not only did we get to enjoy God's creation, but we got to protect our property at the same time.
If you're driving down 711 and you see some shiny new Posted signs, you'll know who put them there! :)

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